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The Return of Action Girl by argel1200
The Return of Action Girl
This is my pulp campaign character, re-imagined using the Genesis 2 Female base character (and v6, and the "Candace" shape).

The only postwork was taking the render with the portal and multiplying that with a render with some backlingthing inplace of the portal (the portal is too close to easily do both).

Disclaimer: I directed of the scene. The content was created by others and he lighting is from DAZ Studio Light PRO DS 4.6 Edition. Note that the "background" is the Aztec portal from "Portals of Power," an actual 3D set. Action Girl just stepped through (hence the "return").
Reality 4 has been a bit of a disappointment, and I also find myself using a laptop, where Luxrender's long rendering times are painful. So I'm playing around with various lighting kits/tools for DAZ Studio. Light Dome Pro - Revolution was used for "In the abandoned city", and I do l like it. I also toyed with exporting out to Vue, but having to edit materials, etc. is a real pain. I hope e-on works on supporting DAZ Studio better (it really is becoming a serious contender to Poser).
In the abandoned city by argel1200
In the abandoned city
A "futuristic" version of Action Girl. Not entirely happy with the poses, positioning, etc. but overall I like the scene. Note that I only "directed" the scene.
Princess Yule Summoning by argel1200
Princess Yule Summoning
Summoning the lake effect snow.... ;)  Happy Holidays!!! I threw the scene together, using V6, Princess Yule textures and the required wardrobes and props, the Snow Tool, some spotlights with gels, a frozen lake to stand on, etc. And Thian Hair. Rendered in DAZ Studio 4.7 using 3Delight. Post down with PSP X7 Ultimate (trying to get by without subscription only Photoshop). I rendered the scene with just the ice (what she is standing on), then the snow tool, then just Princess Yule. I think combined them in PSP. I used three copies of the same snow layer -- one in front set to Soft light blend mode and the other two behind her, both Gaussian blurred and then one also motioned blurred (set to Luminance legacy IIRC). Did something similar for Princess Yule, though much more subtle. The "spell" effect between her hands was also added in post, with a couple large snow flakes on a new layer, Gaussian blurred, using the legacy saturation and the blend set to a low number, like 20-30% IIRC.


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Russ LeBar
United States
If you dig through my galleries, you will see that Bryce was one of my earliest introductions to 3D. Well, DAZ is not doing much with Bryce these days, and I have had the itch to get back to my roots of 'scapes. Even some of my DAZ Studio renders fall into that category -- e.g. one of the most obvious are the ones wit the elfen skyship and citadel. So I started playing with Vue. I sued to really dislike the user interface, probably back when I was used to playing Bryce, etc. but I am finding it much easier to get into this time around. Now if they would just support DAZ Studio like they do Poser!


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